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    Nathan Horton on why sitting for game 2 was never an option

    Scott Levesque
    Content Editor

    You could hear the collective gasp through the numerous television screens when Bruins forward Nathan Horton skated off the ice, during game one, with an apparent upper body injury. What made matters worse was the lack of information surrounding Horton's status moving forward. Is he going to play? Is he done for the rest of the series? Bruins fans had no idea what to expect from the 28-year old, and panic began to set in.

    With 18 points (7 goals and 11 assists) and a plus-minus of 22, good enough for second behind David Krejci, Horton's absence would be noticed immediately. Fortunately for the Bruins, and their fans, Horton will be on the ice tonight for game two. How much of an impact will Horton have is yet to be seen, but tonight should tell us all we need to know about his ability to play moving forward.

    Toughness. It's the perfect adjective to describe the 2013 Boston Bruins team. It's the reason the Bruins have made an incredible run to the Stanley Cup, and it's the reason they'll persevere from a game one loss. Finally, it's the reason why the city of Boston and B's fans alike are proud to call the Bruins their team.

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