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    Hell hath no fury like a spurned Bruins fan. Tim Thomas watch: 2013

    Prepare yourself for a whirlwind of mixed emotions, folks. 

    It seems we that Conn Smythe and two time Vezina throphy winner Tim Thomas may yet take the ice this season.


    When Timmy pulled a Peter Gibbons and decided just not to show up to work following a first round playoff elimination at the hands of the Washington Capitals, I was more than a little butthurt. Like a heart-broken schoolgirl I turned my back on a goalie that posted 4 shut out games, had a save percentage of .940, and carried the Boston Bruins to the Stanley Cup in 2012. My buddies and I would go out for Cosmopolitans on Fridays after work and I made sure they knew I never even loved that guy. I don't care he gave me the experience of watching the best hockey performance I have ever seen. He's a mean jerk and that asshole just up and left.

    Then came the Facebook stalking.

    I examined every one of Thomas' updates, teary-eyed, and wine drunk at 3 in the afternoon and blasting that Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow song, "Picture". 

    I'll admit, it was a dark period in my life but I think came out a better and well-adjusted person because of it.


    Reports have been coming in the past week that Thomas and the Florida Panthers are in discussions, the Panthers going as far as offering the 39-year-old a tryout alongside Brad Boyes, Florida's backup to projected number one, Jacob Markstrom.

    The Columbus Blue Jackets, who seem to have personal in-roads with Thomas, have also expressed interest in signing the goaltender. Columbus GM,Jarmo Kekalainen, has had a relationship with Thomas since his days in Finland and Bill Zito, Thomas' former manager, has just signed on as Assistant General Manager in Ohio.

    If Thomas were to sign with Columbus it would reunite him with former teammate, Nathan Horton.

    All jokes aside, I really do hope Timmy signs on to play hockey again even if only to drink up the juicy drama that would overflow from a game that pitted him against the Boston Bruins. And if he does sign, lets just everyone not act surprised and/or fake offended when weird shit starts coming out of Timmy's mouth, please? Can you name NHL goaltender that isn't a complete headcase in one way or another? Impossible because a "normal" goaltender has never and will never exist. Goalies are in a different universe as the rest of the world, minus or plus one chromosome or something.  If Tim Thomas is in shape and ready to go, more power to him. In fact, I hope Thomas is the guy to pull Florida or Columbus out of their respective tar pits and make either team relevant again.

    But Bruins fans, keep this in mind:

    Time heals all wounds and revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Let's Discuss.