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    Will the Bruins beat the Rangers, hockey fans think so

    Scott Levesque (@scottlevesque)
    Online Content Editor

    The Bruins are 24-games into the 2013-2014 season and it's safe to say they've been anything but a disappointment. Many believed the Stanley Cup hangover would cloud the start of the season by causing a few "bumps" in the road.

    So far that hypothesis looks as outdated as Tim Thomas in goal for the Florida Panthers. However, one has to wonder if the B's hot start will continue throughout the season or will it mess with their heads moving forward.

    No matter what the case hockey fans see the Bruins as a powerhouse team favored to win the Eastern Conference. There's a definite argument to be had in favor of the Penguins, Tampa Bay and Toronto but the Bruins have made examples of those teams when pitted against them.

    As the Bruins move closer to the Thanksgiving Showdown against the New York Rangers hockey fans are looking at this game with Black and Gold glasses on.

    In that same Discover survey (mentioned in an earlier post) 62% hockey fans believe the Bruins will beat the Rangers on Friday. That's in stark contrast to the 20% that believe the Rangers will pull out the win.

    It's clear that hockey fans around the world recognize the brilliance of this Bruins team. My hope moving forward is that this team doesn't. The B's organization has built a culture that rivals any organization in sports.

    Hard-work over glory, team over stats and wins over popularity.

    Sure, it's not the sexiest formula for success but it's success nonetheless. And isn't that what sports is all about? Team, winning, and by extension, success?

    Let's hope the B's continue to build upon this foundation. It begins and ends one game at a time. Come Friday it's just another brick.

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