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    Claude Julien on Game 6 scrum: "It takes two to tangle"

         The ending to Game 6 between the Bruins and the Habs got a bit ugly, as is expected when one rival team defeats another in the playoffs by a large margin. Following the game, many people, including the Montreal Canadiens twitter page, blamed the Bruins for a "lack of classiness."

          Of course, this is ironic, considering the entire scrum began when Montreal D-Man Andrei Markov speared Zdeno Chara behind the play, as seen in the GIF.

          ...Plus, some unhappy Habs fans decided to make it rain on Lucic as he headed down the tunnel. Make it rain garbage, that is...

         How Classy....

         So, it makes sense that Claude Julien was a bit unhappy with the comments made about the Bruins after the game.

         Julien spoke about the matter, and it's pretty clear that he thinks the line was crossed.

    “All I said was that we’re perceived like the bad guys and they’re the good guys,” he said. “When Markov trips Chara and puts his stick between his legs, somebody’s going to react. Whether it’s right or wrong, Zdeno reacted and then everything else happened.”

         Julien also addressed slewfoot that David Desharnais committed against Brad Marchand:

    “It was a slewfoot. “Those are things we keep talking about that are dangerous in our game. It’s a rivalry, and there are some things going on on both sides. I’m not portraying ourselves as innocent here. I’m just saying it takes two teams to tangle, and that’s what happened.”

    And this tweet.... Oh, the irony

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    quotes and GIFs via nesn.com