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    Lucic quieting critics

    Lucic and Co. celebrate GWG verse Florida via Boston Herald
    On Sunday the whole world seemed to be piling on Milan Lucic including GM Peter Chiarelli. Chiarelli was quoted saying “I think I would put him in the overall group that we’ve all kind of underperformed." A little word of the wise to Mr. Chiarelli, comments like these should be saved for the end of the season not in crunch time of a dog fight for a playoff spot. Good for Milan Lucic to quiet down his critics. Lucic would score the game winning goal verse Florida last night. Lets face the facts when it is time for Milan Lucic to show up he does. The comments made by Chiarelli were out of line. We are talking about a guy who has almost 20 goals this year, and has tallied 44 points on the year. Sure there have been times where Lucic has looked like he doesn't want to be on the ice or hasn't been zoned in entirely. When you look at the numbers for Lucic over his eight seasons in Boston, his stats this year prove that he his playing the same hockey we all know Lucic is known for. Milan Lucic is currently second in points for Boston behind Patrice Bergeron. 

    In a year where the Bruins needed more offensive fire power Lucic provided some of that offense he is capable of. People will say if it wasn't for Pastrnak and Spooner none of this would be happening, but he didn't have them last year now did he. What did he do last year? He went out and posted similar numbers 24 goals and 35 assists for 59 points. Lucic isn't a 30 goal scorer like he was during the Stanley Cup year, and never has been. He is a guy that will go out and do the dirty work, and score goals the hard way. Without guys like this the Bruins would be no better then the rest of the finesse teams in the NHL. Lucie provides toughness, willingness, and a spark to the Bruins. 

    Boston is on the brink of making the playoffs and if they do wind up in the playoffs Lucic will be an intricate part in a Stanley Cup run. He tallied 19 points in the playoffs two years ago in 22 games, and seven points last year in 12 playoff games. When the big dance comes Looch brings his dancing shoes and shines. That's what playoff hockey is all about being physical, tough, and overcoming adversity. Milan Lucic has been doing that all season. We can criticize Looch all we want, but his numbers don't lie. Peter Chiarelli's comments Sunday were out of line especially coming from a guy who underperformed in his role at the trade deadline by not picking up any defensemen, which Boston could now use desperately. Boston plays Detroit tomorrow in another crucial playoff race matchup.

    Stats via: Hockey Reference 

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